Adelina Sotnikova: “Mao Asada is my role model”

Adelina Sotnikova

In the run-up to the Moscow stage of the Grand Prix series the two-time Russian figure skating champion Adelina Sotnikova, who debuted in seniors’ competitions winning the bronze medal at the Cup of China, responded to questions from journalists.

In China Sotnikova has conceded to Italian Carolina Kostner and American Mirai Nagasu. In Moscow, according to the young figure skater, she will try to improve her results and show all she can do on the ice.

“I will perform at such competitions in Moscow for the first time. I’m happy with my third place in China but I’m dissatisfied with my performances there. At the home stage I will try to show everything that I can do on the ice.” Sotnikova said.

This is your first season at the seniors’ level. What are your thoughts about it? Do you feel any difference between this level and juniors’?

Sotnikova: Yes, I do. I do not know with what it is connected but in China I was very nervous, especially before the short program. I didn’t feel anything like this at the junior competitions. In Moscow all will be in another way.

What about the so-called “home pressure”?

Sotnikova: I think that native walls will help. It’s Moscow, my home. Also, my parents and friends will support me on the stands.

Are you upset with the fact that you can’t participate at the European championships and Worlds this season?

Sotnikova: No, I’m not. I think that this is not so bad. I will have an additional time for the preparation for the next Euros and Worlds. Also, I will have enough time to learn new elements and its cascades. I think having an additional year is a very good thing (she smiles).

At the Cup of China you have conceded to Carolina Kostner and Mirai Nagasu. What do you think about your contenders at the Moscow stage?

Sotnikova: In Moscow also will be a very strong set of participants. There will be Japan’s Mao Asada and other girls. But I will focus on my performances. I have to overcome myself, go to the ice with a confidence and perform my programs as I can do it.

As we know Mao Asada was your role model. Now you will compete with her. What do you think about it?

Sotnikova: She is really my role model and I think that it will be very interesting to compete with her at the same competitions.

Did you learn something from her?

Sotnikova: She is a real fighter. Last season was not so good for her but at this one she shows her very high level again. Mao Asada is a good example for me. I have to enjoy what I do on the ice and I think I can learn this from her.

Did you watch performances of Elizaveta Tuktamisheva in Canada and France?

Sotnikova: Yes, sure. I’m very happy for her! She was very confident there and performed very well all her programs. But I will try to do the same. Of course, at the ice we are contenders but in usual life we are very good friends with her and Alena Leonova.

What can you tell about your coach, Elena Buianova?

Sotnikova: She helps me a lot. She is the kind of person with whom I feel myself very comfortable. She’s like my second mom. I think that in the future our relations will be fine too.

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

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