“Brand name” took the bronze, but not the skater who deserved it

Program components evaluationRostelecom Cup, except for a set of very positive emotions, also left many questions. This is especially true of judging in the ladies’ single skating. I do not think it will be a surprise if I say that judges sometimes “play” with components (PCS) as they want, or more likely as someone specific wants.

Figure skating federation of Russia a long time ago “assigned” Adelina Sotnikova to the position of the “main hope” of skating. The same does television, the main stream press etc. The fact that for this young and very talented figure skater it is an additional and very strong pressure cares of nobody. In this connection it is appropriate to quote words of the general director of the Russian skating federation Valentin Piseev, which he spoke at a press conference devoted to this Grand Prix stage.

On it, he once again reminded that Adelina Sotnikova is the hope of the Russian skating in Sochi Olympics 2014. He expressed the hope that the 15-year-old World junior champion will not fail neither through two and a half a year, nor at the Moscow stage of Grand Prix. He said that is why in terms of prospects Sotnikova, instead of someone else, is chosen as a symbol of these competitions – with a photograph on the posters, booklets and so on.

In general, the officials did their best that the “main hope” every second felt the all burden of responsibility for all of the Russian figure skating. They totally forgot about the other skaters, who are no less talented. For example, Sofia Biryukova, who, if evaluate competitions by the real scores rather than by the “popularity”, won the bronze medal in this Grand Prix stage. Unfortunately, at this event some skaters were estimated by its “popularity”.

Sofia perfectly skated both programs, showing the excellent execution of complex elements, such as cascades of triple toe – triple toe. She demonstrated a very strong and clean technical part in a combination with a very well expressed artistry. But the judges decided differently, unfairly underestimated her components. Well, of course! In fact, after Sofia on the ice appeared the “main hope” and she could not be estimated below in principle. Even in the presence of three falls on the sum of the two performances.

It’s very sad to observe when the components are transformed into an element of manipulation. Yes, many might argue that they are judges and they know skating better than everyone else. But too often such “specialists” are in the vast minority in their “special” vision of figure skating.

Enormous pressure which render now on Adelina Sotnikova can’t bring anything good for this very talented figure skater. The same applies to the components presented to her. If the country (any country) really wants to develop figure skating, when it’s just unacceptable to highlight some part of selected skaters and completely ignore others. The history knows such sad examples.

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

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