Die Fledermaus by the World champions

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

I think that many already had time to take pleasure in a free dance of the World Champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White. They are beautifully presented images of the operetta Die Fledermaus, which composed by Johann Strauss. Today I would like to tell you more about the plot of this operetta. Those who have never seen Die Fledermaus in the theatre, I recommend to do it. I’m sure you will not regret it. So, what is Die Fledermaus about?

 Die Fledermaus – Synopsis

Set in Austria, in famous Vienna, in a time of champagne and Waltzes.

Rosalinda has two men in her life: her husband, Gabriel von Eisenstein and a city tenor Alfred. Rosalinda has resisted recent attempts of Alfred to woo her, although she finds him very touching.

In one day, Rosalinda’s husband comes home in a fury, because he is lost a court case and has been sentenced for two weeks in jail. Gabriel’s friend called Falk takes him aside and persuades him to take part in a masked ball at the palace of Prince Orlofsky that night. Falk says that Gabriel can drink champagne and flirt before he will report to jail to serve out his sentence. Unbeknownst to Gabriel, Falk wants to embarrass his friend for once leaving him asleep on a park bench in a wear of a bat costume, after similar party.

Meryl Davis and Charlie WhiteRosalinda has a great dinner prepared for Gabriel’s last night of his freedom but he tells her that he does not want to spoil his appetite for jail. Puzzled by husband’s formal evening clothes, the still unsuspecting Rosalinda kisses him goodbye. As soon as Gabriel leaves, Rosalinda receives a box with a message from Falk. Inside this box is a costume of a Hungarian Countess. Falk’s note reveals that Gabriel has not gone to jail but is headed out to an evening party! Furious Rosalinda invites Alfred to late dinner and tells him to dress from Gabriel’s wardrobe for the occasion. But the pair are surprised during their intimate dinner by the warden Frank, who has come to take Gabriel to prison. To preserve a reputation, Rosalinda tells Alfred to pretend to be her husband, Gabriel von Eisenstein. Kind Alfred, who truly loves Rosalinda, allows himself to be arrested and taken off to jail.

Falk encouraged Rosalinda’s maid Adele into attending the evening party in one of Rosalinda’s best gowns. Rosalinda arrives to the party disguised as a Hungarian Countess. She soon notices Gabriel flirting with her personal chambermaid. The champagne flows and all guests drink at the Prince’s command. Prince Orlofsky wants the guests to have a good time, even though he is so world-weary that he very rarely laughs. The increasingly befuddled Gabriel ends up romancing the impetuous Hungarian Countess. The disguised Rosalinda steals Gabriel’s watch as the proof of his flirtations.

Meryl Davis and Charlie WhiteAt dawn, Gabriel staggers to the prison to meet his lawyer and start his sentence, but he finds his cell already occupied by another Gabriel von Eisenstein, who suspiciously dressed in Gabriel’s own clothes! Alfred has been amusing himself by singing all the night. Gabriel putting on his lawyer’s legal robes and wig to quiz Alfred about his identity. Rosalinda arrives to bail out Alfred. She tells the lawyer, who is now Gabriel, in Alfred’s cell about her difficulties, including her fear that Gabriel will find out about the late dinner that she had with Alfred. Shocked, Gabriel von Eisenstein removes his disguise and confronts Rosalinda. She promptly displays his watch as evidence of his own flirtation with the Hungarian Countess at Orlofsky’s party.

Falk, Orlofsky, and all the guests arrive at the jail to see the end of Falk’s joke. Prince Orlofsky even manages a laugh and persuades Falk that his revenge is now complete. Rosalinda and Gabriel forgive each other. All guests drink a final toast to the delights of drinking champagne!

Author: Vladislav Luchianov

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