Russian Cup in Kazan

Figure Skating Federation of Russia

The next stage of the Russian Cup 2011 (Not to be confused with the Grand Prix stage Cup of Russia) will be held from November 9 – 13 in the Sports Palace in Kazan. These competitions dedicated to the memory of the honored coach of Russian Federation Gennady S.Tarasov. The competition will be attended by some of the best skaters of this country.

Russian Cup is the annual Russia’s internal competition consisting of five stages and the Final.

The stage of the Russian Cup (original: Kubok Rossii) is held in Kazan many years and is invariable in a calendar of the Russian skating starts. Competitions are spent to 41st time, conducting the history since the USSR.

The competition will be attended by approximately 150 skaters from 18 regions of Russia. Age of athletes – from 10 to 24 years. This stage of the Russian Cup will be the most representative in this season. Among the skaters there will be many members of the Russia’s national team.

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The strongest events will be among ladies. Among them are the winners of numerous Russian and international competitions, Master of Sports (note: Master of Sports – Russian athletes’ personal title) such as Sofia Biryukova, Julia Lipnitskaia, Anna Ovcharova, Roza Sheveleva and others.

Juniors will be represented by the winner of the 2011 European Youth Olympic Festival, 2010 Russian Junior national champion and 2010 World Junior bronze medalist Polina Agafonova; mens by the two-time Russian national champion Sergei Voronov, the medalist of the Russian championships Zhan Bush and many others.

The winners of 2011 Cup of Nice Valeriya Starygina and Ivan Volobuev will be one of the main contenders for the medals in ice dance.

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November 10

13:00 – 14:30 Ice Dance (Free Dance, Juniors) 

15:00 – 15:50 Ice Dance (Free Dance, Seniors)

16:00 – 16:30 Opening Ceremony

16:40 – 19:40 Men (Short program, Juniors)

19:50 – 22:00 Men (Short program, Seniors)


November 11

13.20 – 16.10 Men (Free skate, Juniors)

16:20 – 18:50 Men (Free skate, Seniors)

19:00 – 20:20 Pairs (Short program, Juniors)

20:30 – 21:30 Pairs (Short program, Seniors)


November 12

14:00 – 15:20 Pairs (Free skate, Juniors)

15:30 – 16:40 Pairs (Free skate, Seniors)

16:50 – 19:20 Ladies (Short program, Juniors)

19:30 – 21:30 Ladies (Short program, Seniors)


November 13

12:00 – 15:00 Ladies (Free skate, Juniors)

15:10 – 17:30 Ladies (Free skate, Seniors)

17:30 – 17:40 Award Ceremony

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