Plushenko is back

Evgeni Plushenko

2006 Olympic champion and a two-time Olympic silver medalist Evgeni Plushenko said that it was not easy psychologically to skate his short program today at the Russian figure skating championships in Saransk.

In today’s short program Evgeni Plushenko executed a quad toe loop, triple axel and a cascade of triple Lutz – double toe. He won the short program with 88.24 points, followed by Artur Gachinski 83.52 and Zhan Bush 81.81.

“First of all it was difficult psychologically,” said Plushenko at the press conference. “I have not competed for a long time. Also, I had an injury. Anyway, I’m very happy that I’m able to compete at the national championships. Yes, I executed my quad with a mistake but the most important thing for me is that I’m able to overcome a fear of the past injury.” he continued.

Plushenko thanked his fans who greeted him with a standing ovation after the performance. “The support of my fans means a lot to me. I know that many people from different parts of the world arrived in Saransk and I want to say thank you all very much!” Torino Olympic champion said.

Famous skater noted that the final result at the Nationals is no matter for him.

“It isn’t important to me. Now the most important thing for me is being in a good competitive shape” he said.

The Olympic champion said that he could perform a more difficult version of the short program.

“I planned to perform a cascade of a quad with a triple toe. My quad was with a mistake, so I decided not to take risk trying to execute a triple jump after this quad. I think this combination was enough to me for today. I hope that my next performances will be much better.” he said.

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