Viktoria Helgesson takes gold in Dortmund

Viktoria Helgesson

Swedish Viktoria Helgesson edged out Yuki Nishino (Japan) by less than one point to win the ladies competition at the NRW Trophy which was held in Dortmund (Germany) past weekend. Kako Tomotaki, another Japanese skater, finished third.

Viktoria Helgesson performed a triple toe – double toe – double loop combination as well as triple loop and double axel – double toe combo. She earned high levels for the spins and collected 159,92 points overall. “I am very happy with the place and the points. I did some mistakes in the free skating, but they are not serious. I will be able to fix them until the next competition. I really like my program in this season, I feel confident with it and it’ s fun to skate.” said Helgesson.

The elegant routine of Yuki Nishino featured by a triple loop; double axel – double toe combination and level four of her combinations’ spins. She was ranked fourth by the results of free skating and slipped from the first place to second with 159.90 points. Her countrywoman Kako Tomotaki grabbed the strong lead in the free skating and earned 158.97 points overall. She received high marks for her spins and hit a triple loop – double axel and a triple flip – double toe – double loop combination. “I am very happy with my performance and my place today. The silver is very good and I am satisfied.”  Tomotaki commented.

NRW Trophy 2011 – All medalists


1. Viktoria Helgesson (SWE) 159.92
2. Yuki Nishino (JPN) 159.90
3. Kako Tomotaki (JPN) 158.97


1. Mari Vartmann / Aaron van Cleave (GER) 151.20
2. Lubov Bakirova / Mikalai Kamianchuk (BLR) 129.84
3. Natalja Zabijako / Sergej Kulbach (EST) 129.31


1. Samuel Contesti (ITA) 204.50
2. Peter Liebers (GER) 199.93
3. Kento Nakamura (JPN) 196.18

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