Viktoria Volchkova: “This season Korobeynikova will fight for the spot at the national team”

Polina Korobeynikova

Russia’s ladies team at the Junior Grand Prix Final, which will be held this weekend in Canada, will be represented by Julia Lipnitskaia, Polina Shelepen and Polina Korobeynikova. According to Viktoria Volchkova, the coach of Korobeynikova, all three ladies are the main contenders for the podium.

“I work with Polina Korobeynikova for four and a half years. I started my coaching career with her and she’s one of my best students. She is very talented and has a very strong character.” said Volchkova to the Russian media.

What are her main goals for the Grand Prix Final?

V. Volchkova: Well, I think this Final will be not easy to her because there are very strong contenders. But I have to say that if she will perform clean all what she can – she will be among medalists.

What can you say about Julia Lipnitskaia and Polina Shelepen?

V. Volchkova: They are both very good skaters. Especially I’d like to note Julia Lipnitskaia. She gets very high scores at the international competitions and this is one of indicators of the high class skater. Many junior and senior skaters can just dream about such points which receive Lipnitskaia and Shelepen.

Do you think that Russian skaters will be the main contenders for the gold there?

V. Volchkova: Yes, I do. In my opinion Julia Lipnitskaia will be the main favorite in Quebec.

Will Polina Korobeynikova participate at the Russian national championships (among seniors)?

V. Volchkova: Yes, of course, she will. She is eligible by her age to perform there. At the Russian national championships she will fight for the spot to compete at the European Championships and Worlds.


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