Evgeni Plushenko wins preliminary round in Sheffield

Evgeni Plushenko

Evgeni Plushenko won the preliminary round in men’s single skating in Sheffield at the European figure skating championships.

In qualifying event Plushenko was forced to compete because of lack of rating – Torino Olympic champion didn’t competed at the official ISU competitions during last two years. He earned 157.52 points for his free skate program and executed all planned elements, including a quad jump.

“For me it was essential to do a quad,” said Plushenko to the press. “It was clear to me that I could pass the preliminary round without performing it but I wanted to do my complete program. It was not my ideal quad jump but taking into account my present health’s conditions I can say that I did it very good.” he continued.

“Yesterday, while doing the quad in practice, I also felt a pain in my neck. After European championships I have to undergo surgery on my meniscus again. Even now, I’m wearing a scarf not because I want to be fashionable, but because I just can’t turn my neck. As for the skating – my main work (in competitions) will be next year.” Evgeni Plushenko added.

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