Opinion – Story which deserves Pulitzer Prize

Alissa Czisny

After reading once again the article by Joanne C. Gerstner published last year in The New York Times, I would like to repeat my words and opinion about it, which I expressed after the first reading of this story. Also, I think this story deserves the Pulitzer Prize for achievements in newspaper and online journalism.

In the article It Isn’t Over Until She Says by Joanne C. Gerstner in a magnificent manner presented all very hard way which Alissa Czisny passed through different times. The author conveyed all aspects of the way of this skater. Words of Alissa, her sister Amber’s and replies of the coach Yuka Sato organically intertwined with the exact writer’s description of feelings of these people.

During the past and this season about Alissa have written various publications in different newspapers, but not often we can found an article where the author not only presents the facts, but also understands this skater. Yes, there were very good articles, but when you read the work of Joanne C. Gerstner, you can feel that the author is fully immersed in the world of her character throughout the story – from the beginning to the end.

Joanne’s article is written so, that I’m sure it will be interesting to everyone, even for people who never heard about figure skating. It gives hope to the reader and the idea that even in the most difficult circumstances there is a way for the right decision. Alissa Czisny showed it on her own example. She demonstrated it against all odds and criticism that befell to the girl after the 2009-2010 season’s failure.

Journalism is not just a statement of dry facts, but it’s also an understanding the nature of the character about he or she writes. I agree, not everyone can completely feel the story of the protagonist, but writers should try to do it at least. Author’s thought must be presented and harmoniously supplement the stated material.

This is possible only if the writer is immersed in a world of its protagonist, feels and understands his or her thoughts. Joanne C. Gerstner is an outstanding representative of such authors.

By Vladislav Luchianov

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