“Axel” skating club is looking for support

Axel skating club

Press release by Sergei Shishkanu,
 Axel Skating Club PR Manager

Dear figure skating community and commercial organizations involved in our beautiful kind of sport,

Sports sponsorship can be regarded as a sort of a strategic investment in the brand. A subject of sport never ceases to be interesting everywhere and always and that, from our point of view, can be attributed to a variety of factors of its popularity. An important role plays the social significance of sports. Promotion of healthy lifestyle and a well-developed sports infrastructure are one of the most important characteristics of a civilized society.

A few years ago were built the first figure skating rinks in Moldova. Thanks to great enthusiasts of this sport, the first skaters and first results have begun to appear too. At the moment on the Axel Skating Club basis is forming the Figure Skating Federation of Moldova, which will be officially organized and formed during the nearest months. After that the federation plans to join ISU at its nearest Congress, which will be held this summer.

Our figure skating club has already attracted the attention of professionals from the Figure Skating Federation of Moscow, which is a member of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia. Russian specialists constantly help us with different organizational and administrative issues. This is very important support for any new skating club or federation.

We regularly hold international skating competitions for children in Tiraspol, on the ice rink, which meets all international standards.

All of us watch sports events on TV or on the stands. During the events we often pay attention to the logos of various companies on the ice rinks’ boards. Sometimes sponsors are struggling to have their brand names associated with a kind of sport such as figure skating or with a skating club. The same can be said about skating apparel, equipment, outfits and so on.

We intend to develop figure skating in Moldova and in this regard, we are ready and open to different kinds of mutually beneficial cooperation. We are convinced that the existence of such a free and vacant niche can be a great advantage for any company.

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