Dnester Cup 2012 invites skaters

Snezhinka ice rink

By Vladislav Luchianov

From March 28 – 30 in Tiraspol will be held international figure skating competitions Dnester Cup 2012. Until recently it was virtually impossible to imagine the existence of figure skating in this small region – Moldavia and Pridnestrovie. The author of this article is a resident of the nearby city and I know whereof I speak.

Just a few years ago were built the first figure skating rinks in Chisinau and Tiraspol. Thanks to great enthusiasts of this sport, the first skaters and first results have begun to appear too. Of course, these skaters are still very young, but it all starts with the first step.

Earlier this year skaters from Tiraspol competed in the Polish city of Torun, where was held the traditional international tournament Mentor Nestle Nesquick Cup 2012. At these competitions also participated skaters from Poland, Austria, Germany, Israel, South Africa, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia.

Polina StepankinaIt should be noted that participation in Nesquick Cup for Tiraspol skaters was like first test for the strength with more experienced athletes of Europe. In spite of debut of participation at such international competitions Anna Gordienko and Kamilla Tkach hit the top ten in their age category and Polina Stepankina took the silver medal at the “Silver Girls” category. Stepankina skated her complex program on “Croatian Rhapsody” very well, confident and artistically (taking in account her age) earning many compliments from different specialists.

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International coaches, skating judges and many figure skating fans were pleasantly surprised by performances of this country’s representatives, about which up to this point no one knew. It should be noted that Moldavia is planning to join the ISU soon to be able to take part in major international competitions.

Polina StepankinaNow figure skating develops around the world and it’s a very good sign that more and more countries join this wonderful kind of sport.

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Nestle Nesquik Cup 2012 – Polina Stepankina

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