Elena Glebova may become a new leader of Northern Europe

Elena Glebova

By Vladislav Luchianov

Estonian figure skater Elena Glebova has started this season renewed and with a great inspiration, having taken the second place at the 2011 Finlandia Trophy, first places at the 2011 Middle Atlantic Championships (USA), 2011 Cryslal Skate (Romania) and 2011 Merano Cup (Italy).

It’s worthy to note that at the Merano Cup Elena achieved a new personal best of 157.77 points by the results of two programs. In December she confidently won her sixth national title. At the 2012 European figure skating championships Elena finished 11th and in my opinion this result wasn’t right because her strong short program was much underestimated.

After the 2011 World Championships Elena Glebova decided to switch to another coach and went to the USA, where she began to work with Igor Krokavec and Craig Maurizi. Her choreographer is a former ice dancer Olga Orlova. The time showed that those changes was a right decision. Elena became stronger, more confident and more impressive in her skating routines.

In my vision the European championships in Sheffield was the last one when the winner took the gold medal without triple – triple combination. I hope so, anyway. Also, next season there will be a set of new Russian young ladies such as Elizaveta Tuktamisheva and Adelina Sotnikova, who definitely can change the competitive level of present skating in Europe as well as in the world. They already do it at Grand Prix stages and junior competitions.

Elena Glebova is a kind of skaters who are the true fighters. She had difficult times during the 2010 – 2011 season but she decided to make changes. Those changes weren’t easy because in order to achieve new improvements in her skating she had to move from Estonia and her home based ice rink to the United States. She practically started the new life. But it was worth it.

Recently, at one of her trainings, Elena did a wonderful triple flip – triple toe loop combination (watch video below). This season Elena also does very well a triple Lutz – triple toe loop combination. All these jumping elements are more difficult than triple toe – triple toe combination, which can perform only several European ladies.  Now I mean European excluding Russia, where such combinations are usual for the most part of ladies.

It seems like she included this combos in her daily trainings, so we can expect new and very interesting surprises from her at competitions. The current leader of the Northern Europe  is Kiira Korpi of Finland but if Elena will continue to achieve new highs in her skating programs and in its stability, the leader of this region can be changed.

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