IS Skating Trophy 2012

IS Skating Trophy 2012

Press release by Perry O’Connor

Impaired Skating has obtained the sanction from NISA (note: National Ice Skating Association of Great Britain) to hold the first International Club competition for Impaired Skaters under ISU Rule 107.14 on May 12th and 13th in Dumfries, Scotland.

The Impaired Skating Trophy 2012, is an International Figure, Solo Ice Dance, Speed and demonstration Synchro club skating competition that will be held under ISU Rule 107.14. It is organized for skaters with impairment who cannot compete in international competitions under ISU Rule 107.14 h).

IS Skating Trophy 2012 will be held with the sanction of the National Ice Skating Association, with the support of Sk8 Scotland and in accordance with the ISU Constitution and General Regulations 2010, ISU Special Regulations and Technical Rules Single & Pair Skating and Ice Dance 2010 and relevant communications.

For categories including Figure Level 1 through 6 the Official Special Olympic Sports Rules for Figure Skating (Version January 2011) and Article 1 of Special Olympics General Rules shall be employed. These rules shall be employed except where they are in conflict with this announcement and the Rules of Competition for Impaired Skaters. In such cases, this Announcement and the Rules of Competition for Impaired skaters shall apply>

Entries shall be made by clubs affiliated to ISU members and the club should inform the ISU member to whom it is affiliated under ISU Rule 107.14 c). The abbreviation of the ISU member will be stated in parenthesis after the name of the club in the results protocol and competition materials under ISU Rule 107.14 d).

The competition is reserved to all eligible skaters (ISU Rules 102 and 109).

For further information, please visit Impaired Skating website>

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