Korobeynikova fights alone at Worlds

Polina Korobeynikova

Russian figure skater Polina Korobeynikova admitted that the absence of her coach at the World Figure Skating Championships in Nice has affected her performance in qualifying round. Viktoria Volchkova, the coach of Korobeynikova, is on maternity leave.

Polina performed not so well her free skate program. 15-year-old figure skater executed a cascade of triple flip – triple toe loop, but then made mistakes on some other jumps. Also, Korobeynikova made four cascades in the program, which is prohibited by the rules. Her fourth cascade was not counted by the judges. However, she passed the qualifying round.

She finished seventh with a result of 81.70 points. The first place in qualifying round took Jenna McCorkell of Great Britain – 95.63 points; Elena Glebova of Estonia finished second with 92.52 points and Spanish Sonia Lafuente was third with 91.84 points.

“Of course, I feel that I’m missing the coach. There are special words that she usually says to me,” commented Korobeynikova. “Today’s mistakes happened not because of the absence of my coach. She just can give advices, everything other depends on me. I try to perform as well as I can.” she continued.

Source: R-Sport
Photo: Edeaskates

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