Meryl Davis/Charlie White: “We always aim to achieve our best”

Meryl Davis and Charlie White

By Vladislav Luchianov

Detroit is rightly called the capital of the world automotive industry. But this beautiful city can be proud not only by successes in this field. Such names as Meryl Davis / Charlie White, Alissa Czisny, Jeremy Abbott and others members of Detroit Skating Club definitely made people of this city proud.

It’s no secret that this city had a hard time in recent years because of the global economic crisis. It is also true that the beauty saves the world. The members of DSC not only successfully compete at various skating competitions around the globe but their performances always bring to the audience the real beauty, inspiration and hope. Reigning World ice dance champions Meryl Davis and Charlie White are one of those people.

WFS talked with Meryl and Charlie about their pre–Worlds thoughts and not only.

Meryl, Charlie, tell us, please about your impressions of your latest competitions – 2012 Four Continents Championships.

Meryl Davis / Charlie White: The 4CC was a great experience, for us. We always aim to continue growing and learning and we feel we did that at the 4CC this year. Every competition, we are looking to achieve a perfect technical mark as well as to build upon our performance. Though our performances in Colorado Springs weren’t our best we feel like we are on the right track for the World Championships.

You have won everything in the last season and in the big part of this one, except Four Continents. Where do you take inspiration for taking new highs, creating so wonderful programs and constant improving your performances?

Davis/White: We love what it is we have the opportunity to do on the ice. We love performing, hard work and learning new things every day. We believe that we still have so much to learn and room for growth, that we find both the possibilities and the learning process quite rewarding.

Could you tell us how the reigning World Champions prepare for the main season’s event in Nice?

Davis/White: We feel very comfortable with the approach we’ve always had, which is that hard work pays off. Going into the 2012 World Championships, we maintain the mentality we held long before we were World Champions. Though every season poses different challenges, we rely on our hard work and mutual support of one another.

Will you change something in your programs for the Worlds?

Davis/White: Our programs are continually evolving as we are. We hope that both programs will reach their peak at the World Championships.

Meryl, Charlie, a few months ago your friend and competitor Scott Moir in one interview with the Estonian news agency said, that when he’s among old friends, in his hometown, he doesn’t feel himself as the Olympic Champion. At these moments he is just Scott Moir. And what about you?

Davis/White: We have been fortunate enough to have the world’s best coaching team of Marina Zoueva and Igor Shpilband in our own back yards. We’ve grown up together in our hometowns, lucky enough to have the constant support and presence of our families and lifelong friends. Although our lives have certainly changed and evolved over the years, the consistency and support we’ve been fortunate enough to have has certainly been of great value to us. In many ways, we feel we are very much the same people when we started our journey.

In your opinion, which way will develop ice dancing in the nearest future, during the way for Sochi Olympics?

Davis/White: We’re very excited about the direction ice dance is taking as we get closer to the 2014 Olympic Games. There is so much talent worldwide, that we’re sure the sport will continue to evolve in different ways for many years to come. Still, we feel as though the balance between athleticism and artistry is the key for our beautiful sport. We hope to see the sport continue to value and push the possibilities of each category to new heights in what is a striking combination.

As I know you always set high goals and I think this season is not an exception. Am I right?

Davis/White: Of course. We always aim to achieve our best. Since we were young, we’ve set high standards for ourselves and work hard to achieve our goals.

Could you give some advice to the young ice dancers who look at you say: “I want to skate like them!”?

Davis/White: Something we’ve always enjoyed is paving our own way. While there have been so many teams of the past and present we’ve been able to interact with and look-up to, we believe it’s best to maintain one’s own identity. Part of the beauty of ice-dance as a whole is the unique qualities each skater/team brings to the ice. Love what you do, work hard everyday, and don’t underestimate the value of balance and happiness both on and off the ice.

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