Moldavian skaters enjoy outfits of Skating Designs

Axel Skating Club

By Vladislav Luchianov

Recently, Moldavian skaters from the Axel Skating Club, which is located in the city of Tiraspol, received another gift from the Skating Designs company – new wonderful outfits. People usually say that the joy of children is priceless, and it’s 100% true. The gifts from Skating Designs are also very worthy because figure skating in Moldova now is at the beginning of its development.

Skating Designs is a company which is based in Colorado Springs, USA and specializes in ice skating clothing. The locally-owned company is operated by Dorota Kamieniecki. Her daughter, Ola, is an accomplished international figure skater competing for Poland. Skating Designs clothes and accessories are of the highest quality.

Its outfits are very unique and custom made. The company provides tremendous variety in the items. All outfits are made in the USA using the best quality fabric, so skaters look and feel great wearing them.

“We are very happy about such wonderful gifts,” said the manager of Axel SC Sergey Shishkanu. “Figure skating in our country just makes first steps and we really appreciate such a great support we have from different people. Our children enjoy very much all the amazing outfits we’ve got from Skating Designs.” he continued.

Until recent times it was very hard to imagine the existence of figure skating in this small country located in the Eastern Europe. Just a few years ago were built the first skating rinks in Moldavian cities. Thanks to big enthusiasts and passionate people of this sport, the first figure skaters as well as the first successes have begun to appear too. At the beginning of this year figure skaters from the Axel Skating Club competed in Poland, where was held the traditional international competitions Mentor Nestle Nesquick Cup 2012 and showed very good results there.

Axel Skating Club in Skating Designs outfits

“All our skaters are working very hard in spite of the fact that they are just kids yet,” Shishkanu said. “Some of them spend practically all their free time being at the ice rink. They have a great skating passion as well as their coach.” he added.

Figure skating is not a cheap sport and having the support from countries where skating is already developed is very important to any new skating club or federation.

“It’s really important to us. Our gratitude is huge to all people who help us. Thank you all very much!” Sergey Shishkanu added.

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