Alissa Czisny – The Lady

Alissa Czisny

By Vladislav Luchianov

This fragile-looking girl had to endure a lot of very different emotions, in this season and throughout the career. But despite all the obstacles, difficulties and often undeserved or excessive criticism, she continues to do what she likes the most – to skate.

Alissa Czisny always got a great pleasure from figure skating. Even in her childhood she could spend hours with her sister Amber executing her famous spins, which is now admired by almost all. The natural grace and ballet classes in conjunction with very high musicality have helped to make her performances looking as perfect examples for books of choreography.

Alissa is very kind, educated and a little shy person. In addition, she is also very sensitive. Many believe that this is a barrier for the sport, but it is absolutely not true. In figure skating sensitivity means the ability to sincere and accurately present the images on the ice, to interpret every note of a music and to create meaning in every movement.

Alissa Czisny

But there is another side. People, who used to criticize aggressively everything and always, mainly focus their criticism on sensitive people. They seemed to know that people standing moral far above them, simply can not answer rudeness to rudeness. Most interesting is that those who now aggressively criticizes Alissa for the failure at the 2012 Worlds, just recently poured a heap of compliments to her. So it was after winning the U.S. Championships in 2009 and 2011, and after her wonderful victories in the Grand Prix Series 2010/2011.

But ardent critics do not take into account one important fact – Alissa is changed. She is not the same girl that critics could hurt after the failure at the 2010 U.S. Nationals. She became much stronger internally.

After unsuccessful performances in Nice everyone could see how she is going through that situation. But I’m also sure that angry words of some “hawks” directed to her have not reached the target. I mean aggressive criticism, not normal.

In spite of all, Alissa continues to be a real lady, both outside and inside. And I am sure that thanks to her inner strength, Alissa successfully will cope with any obstacles. Ups and downs are an integral part of everyone’s life and the ability to cope with them can be equated to the art.

Alissa Czisny

But there were lots of other words too. The words of support. Alissa has many devoted fans around the world and I was very pleased to see the full power of their support. As the end of this article I want to quote some of the messages posted on the Alissa’s fan page in Facebook.

Donna: Alissa, you are the most elegant figure skater I have ever seen. I so look forward to seeing you perform; it lifts my spirits. Plus you are beautiful inside and out. I’ll be watching next time and every time.

Landolphe: At the ’68 Olympics I fell in love with Peggy Fleming and with figure skating. Eversince, I’ve been waiting for someone with her elegance and grace to come onto the scene—and you are the one!

Jay: So proud to have you represent our country with character and strength. Believe in yourself and your ability and you will always be a champion as a person, and skater.

Attila: No words to describe how sorry I feel for Alissa! Whatever happened to her at Worlds, she must know that her fans are 100 % behind her. She has always been and still is the most beautiful and the most elegant ladies skater in the world! Alissa, please, don’t give up!

Rebecca: Wish I could give you a huge hug right now. Keep your pretty chin up!! We all have those days. You’ll come back before you know it!

Supportive video by Lucile:

Alissa Czisny – I won’t give up

Photo: Michael Kass

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