Lipnitskaia is willing to compete at senior Grand Prix

Julia Lipnitskaia, ice show

By Vladislav Luchianov

The minimum age to participate in all senior figure skating competitions as decided by the ISU Congress last week, since 2014 will be 15 years.

Currently, the skater can participate at the World Championships, Europeans or Olympic Games if the July 1 of previous year he or she had turned 15 years old, while at the senior Grand Prix series the age limit is lower for one year.

“The original proposals have been prepared concerning the age limit of novice and juniors and the decision will come into force in 2014,” said the President of Figure Skating Federation of Russia Alexander Gorshkov to the media. “As for the age limits in senior skating, including Grand Prix series, the decision on that issue should have happen immediately. We achieved an amendment to keep the current age limit until 2014.” he continued.

“We explained that it is logical to make a decision about changes in all age categories at once. Many of skaters are already assigned for the senior Grand Prix and no less of them already are working on the programs. Our amendment was adopted.” Gorshkov added.

Thanks to this amendment, the 2012 World Junior Champion Julia Lipnitskaia will be able to compete at the senior Grand Prix of the coming season. Julia is 14 years old and she has been assigned to the 2012 Cup of China and 2012 Trophee Eric Bompard.

In a conversation with World Figure Skating Julia said that she is willing to compete at the senior level. “I want to perform at the senior level but first I was a little bit nervous,” Russian skater said. “The first news was that the age is raised and I have to stay in juniors, and only an hour later came the news about the amendment.” Lipnitskaia noted.

With the personal record of 187.05 points, Lipnitskaia holds the ladies’ World Junior record for the highest combined total and the free skate scores, having broken the combined score record twice in the 2011–2012 season.

“At the moment I prepare for the new season and work on my programs at the training base in Novogorsk,” Julia continued.

About the next season’s goals in senior skating Julia prefers to talk with a confidence and modest smile. “My goals are always the same, regardless of age and rivals – to do all I can and to show the maximum at the right time in the right place.” the World Junior Champion added.

Photo: Ksenia Fomina

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