Marina Zoueva: “It is a conflict of interest”

Marina Zoueva

A crack in a business relationship of famous Canton’s coaches is the result of the desire of Igor Shpilband to start an independent coaching, said Marina Zoueva.

Zoueva told that all business relations with Shpilband aren’t broken yet and she does not preclude the resumption of joint the cooperation. “Nothing is impossible,” said Zoueva in an interview with RSport agency.

Recall that Igor Shpilband was fired from his coaching position at the Arctic Figure Skating Club in Canton, Michigan last Sunday at the meeting with general manager Craig O’Neill and the ice rink owner John Stansik.

“Now began the conflict of interest. Without my consent, Igor decided to have his personal students, whom he wanted to coach separately. I have a clear position on this matter: it is a conflict of interest.” explained Zoueva. She also said that Canton’s students don’t related with this situation.

“He just wanted to open his own business within our common business. This is a conflict of interest. It is professionally wrong idea to open your own business,” she continued.

Zoueva sees no problems that the break in relations with Igor Shpilband happened for year and a half before the Olympic Games in Sochi. “It’s better than there are just two months before them,” she said.

“I think it is possible to suffer one and a half year for the sake of common cause.” Zoueva told, estimating the decision of Shpilband to coach his own teams.

Now she finds it difficult to discuss on a theme of how in case of definitive rupture of relations they will divide their students.  “Everything will depend completely on decisions of skaters.” she noted.

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