2013 Junior Worlds to be held in Milan

Agora stadio del Ghiaccio

International Skating Union announced that the 2013 World Junior Figure Skating Championships will be held at Stadio del Ghiaccio Agora in Milan, Italy between February 25 and March 3, reports Italian skating website SottoZero News.

Italian online edition notes that Junior Worlds will be a great opportunity to promote figure skating in Italy.

The competition will be open to skaters from ISU member nations who are at least 13 years old but not 19 – or 21 for male pair skaters and ice dancers – before July 1, 2012 in their place of birth.

The term “Junior” refers to the age level of figure skaters rather than necessarily the skill level. Therefore, some of the skaters competing have competed nationally and internationally at the senior level, but are still age-eligible for Junior Worlds. Regardless of whether they have competed as seniors, all competitors perform programs that conform to the ISU rules for junior level competition.

The following countries earned more than one entry to the 2013 World Junior Championships based on their performance at the 2012 Juniors:

Multiple spots for 2013 Junior Worlds

Photo: Stadioghiaccio

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