Lake Placid figure skating history to be released this month

Lake Placid Figure Skating: A History

Figure skating has always had an important home in Lake Placid. Early on, the Snow Birds popularized this summer retreat, and Melville and Godfrey Dewey won the campaign for the 1932 Winter Olympics. The Skating Club of Lake Placid was formed and after 1932 famous skaters trained here with legendary coach Gus Lussi.

When Lake Placid again hosted the Olympics in 1980, skating dominated, with state-of-the-art facilities that have continued to be used by stars like Dorothy Hamill and Sarah Hughes, and helped give rise to Scott Hamilton’s Stars on Ice. For more than one hundred years, the Lake Placid community has worked together to support figure skating and skaters in this quiet Adirondack village. Local expert Christie Sausa tells this and many other exciting stories in her book Lake Placid Figure Skating: A History.

Christie Sausa has been involved in all facets of figure skating for approximately 15 years. After being captivated by the sport at age 2, she started skating at age 7. In 2003, she moved to Lake Placid at the age of 13 to pursue serious training. While in Lake Placid, Sausa realized there wasn’t a website that provided up-to-date skating information on a consistent basis. The Lake Placid Skater blog was created in 2008, and soon gained an international following.

In 2008, Sausa also became the skating correspondent for the Lake Placid News. Her column became a source of great interest to skating fans throughout the country. She is an occasional columnist, and also writes articles about skating events.

In 2009, Sausa had another idea for her column – she realized that many visitors watching the summer Saturday night ice shows didn’t realize who the “Guest Skaters” were. Sausa decided to pitch the idea of a “guest skater interview series”, to appear weekly in the Lake Placid News. This would educate the readership on the caliber of skaters that routinely perform in lake placid, and provide a glimpse of their interesting lives. To date, she has interviewed such skaters as Evan Lysacek, Johnny Weir, Ryan Bradley, Gracie Gold, Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig, Kim Navarro & Brent Bommentre, Dick Button, Oleg and Ludmila Protopopov, and others.

In 2010, Sausa launched “skating away in Lake Placid”, her personal blog on the Lake Placid News website. This serves as Sausa’s “virtual column” where skating fans can watch for breaking news about skating in lake placid.

In 2012, she received an offer from The History Press to write the History of Figure Skating in Lake Placid. Although surprised that there wasn’t already a comprehensive history available, Sausa agreed and gladly wrote the book.

Despite not holding a Journalism or English degree (she’s working on the latter), Sausa has earned many unique awards and garnered attention for her blogs and articles. In 2009, her blog was selected as one of the Semi-finalists in the Microsoft office Winter Games. Two finalists, one student blogger and one female blogger, would be sent to the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. Much of the results would be determined by vote, and the finalists were selected by several celebrity judges. Although Sausa didn’t win, she was grateful to her blog followers for voting generously and encouraging others to do so.

Sausa’s quest for Olympic blogging was featured in Skating Magazine, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Adirondack Almanac, and several other media outlets.

Recently, Lake Placid Skater was recognized by SHAPE magazine as one of the Top 10 Sports Blogs written by Women.

Sausa is proud to continue to write for the Lake Placid News, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the Adirondack Almanac, the Free George, and the Adirondack sports and fitness paper. She occasionally contributes to SKATING magazine.

In addition to her writing endeavors, Sausa continues to figure skate, and is currently training to complete her Senior Free Skating Test. She is also an official accountant for US Figure Skating. Her other hobbies include creative writing, knitting, cycling, yoga, and reading.

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