Makarova began preparation with a delay

Ksenia Makarova

Ksenia Makarova of Russia began preparations for the new season not on time due to health problems, said the coach of figure skater Evgeni Rukavitsin to R-Sport agency.

In the first half of the upcoming season Makarova will compete at two stages of the Grand Prix series: 2012 Skate Canada and 2012 NHK Trophy.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t started the preparation for the new season clearly on the plan. At the camp in Latvia Makarova came late because of reasons related to health. Without going into details, I can say that there were some problems and she had to stay for a course of treatment,” said Rukavitsin.

“Now everything is in its beginning. There are obvious improvements but we still have lots of things to do in terms of physical shape and health. This work has already begun.” he added.

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