Oberstdorf skating rink is forced to save energy

Oberstdorf ice arena

In January 2011 German officials said that Oberstdorf can regain the title of a federal base of figure skating. The federal government has provided a special four-year grant to assist in overcoming the crisis of the rink, the German Allgäuer Zeitung reports.

Since then much has been done to upgrade the dilapidated sports center and its infrastructure. Despite the support of federal and regional governments, Oberstdorf still has financial problems. The total cost of repairing the sports arena is estimated at two million euros.

Nevertheless, the management of the rink probably found a way to make the situation better. It intends to spend about 1.3 million euros for a new ice cooling system, which will be much more economically expend the electricity.

Manager Hans-Peter Jokschat hopes that these investments will pay off and the power consumption to maintain the ice rink in the normal state will be significantly reduced.

The skating community would like to hope that Oberstdorf will solve all the problems. In this regard, we recall that history of figure skating has various occasions when the skaters, who didn’t have a vast financial support and forced to train in difficult conditions achieved much better results than those, who are fully funded by the state and has all the advanced conditions.

Paradoxically, the difficulties usually make a person’s character more strong and powerful, while the complete dependence on the state and skating federation’s decisions could significantly weaken the character of athletes. Not to mention the fact that fully dependent athletes can hardly decide anything in their own sport (general preparation, schedule of events, training issues and so on). It is because of complete dependence they have an additional psychological burden.

Of course, it is not related to the multiple World and European Champions Aliona Savchenko and Robin Szolkowy of Germany. Throughout the career they experienced many different difficulties and each time became stronger.

Photo: Allgäuer Zeitung

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