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Hugo Chouinard, musical designer

By Vladislav Luchianov

Choosing the right music is always a challenge for skaters. But there is a decision I would like to recommend. It’s called Studio Unisons (aka Sk8Mix).

The owner and CEO Hugo Chouinard always uses a very unique approach to every skater, despite the fact that among his regular clients are such skating stars as Yu-Na Kim, Daisuke Takahashi, Tessa Virtue/Scott Moir and many more.

Hugo Chouinard has a real passion, which combined with a hard work and knowledge brings amazing musical works. In this studio you can always count that all of your wildest musical fantasies will be presented in a form of professional music to your new programs, no matter your skating level or rank.

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“Quality in every detail is my leitmotif, and it’s not just with the music. Service, website, CD design – each aspect is important. If they haven’t found the right music tracks to fit their concept, they contact me for suggestions, and sometimes the first idea totally changes along the search process.” Hugo Chouinard told me in an interview for

“If there are divergent points of view between the skater and coaching team about the selection or structure, I start some editing experimentation to really demonstrate how it will sound, so everyone can hear and make the right decision. Even if some ideas could seem strange or totally impossible, once mixed, we generally have great surprises.” he noted.

Also, at the company’s website you will find a wide selection of high quality ready-to-skate music.

Studio Unisons

The new season is coming, so it’s time to act!

Watch works of Sk8Mix>>>

P.S. By the way, if you have some doubts I suggest you to ask Daisuke Takahashi, Yu-Na Kim, Tessa Virtue or any other Hugo’s client to confirm my words-)

Photos: Studio Unisons

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