What Ladies Want

Miki Ando, Yu-Na Kim and Carolina Kostner

By Vladislav Luchianov

Every man knows that women’s decisions are often very changeable. Sport is no exception. To us, men, it is difficult and probably impossible to fully understand the psychology of women.

I think better not even try to do it. It is possible that the mysterious unpredictability of ladies is the thing that attracts us to them. Who knows…

This week, two top skaters have changed their decisions. Interesting that they changed them to the opposite.

2010 Olympic champion Korean Yu-Na Kim said that she missed the ice and cannot give up being a skater. “I will participate in the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and then I will retire.” she revealed her plan to continue her job as an athlete at a press conference at Taereung Training Center.

“After I won gold at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, I didn’t have a clear goal as an athlete. I didn’t prepare for the season last year and it was a relaxing break for me.”

People anticipated that Yu-Na Kim would quit amateur athletic competition to skate professionally and focus on her endorsement work. Her plans to compete in Sochi were a surprise to some.

“I will go to Sochi as a South Korean champion. I think my fans will raise me up when I am on the ice rink. When I was little I imagined a gold medal in Vancouver as the end of my athletic career, but now that has changed. I would like to round off my long career with a complete victory in Sochi.” she noted.

Interviewed by Italian magazine Gente, 2012 World champion Carolina Kostner of Italy hints at plans to quit competitive figure skating. “I am considering leaving professional ice skating,” said Kostner. “I have given my all to the sport for ten years. I have had to set aside friends and family, I have poured sweat over every victory and now that I have won the sport’s highest accolade I am satisfied. I may well choose to take my life back.”

Of course, to every rule there are exceptions. The most consistent and stable in the decision-making at this week was Miki Ando of Japan. This charming lady, who is also 2007 and 2011 World champion, has confirmed her participation in the competitions of the next season.

Photo: Zimbio

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