Alexei Mishin: “I would make a lot of changes in figure skating”

Alexei Mishin and Evgeni Plushenko

The famous figure skating coach Alexei Mishin said that he’s dissatisfied with some of the rules of modern figure skating.

“I would make a lot of changes in the current skating rules. Now, for example, skaters must to perform so-called “blocks” of difficult turns. They have to perform them very fast. Yet the speed would mean the edges will not be deep enough. In my point of view the edges should be deep in skating – in entering and dismounting, in gliding. This presupposes the very form of figure skating blade – it is rounded. There are many other such contradictions,” Mishin told Sport-Express.

Mishin also commented on the return to the big sport of the Vancouver Olympic champion Evan Lysacek.

“When such great athletes, who won everything, come back to compete again they are pushing the limits of human ability.”

“As a professional I don’t care which spins will Lysacek perform, whether he’ll execute a quad or a triple Axel. The fact of his comeback is what interests me.” Mishin noted.

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