Be healthy with Alexei Yagudin

Alexei Yagudin in mass classes of physical exercises

Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin for the second consecutive year holds classes of physical exercises in different cities of Russia.

The national project, launched last year, has a great success among the Russian people. Places of training are almost always filled with people wishing to receive a cheerfulness charge from the famous athlete.

Exercises are available to all ages and for the people with different levels of physical shape. It can be an ordinary complex of physical exercises or the special set from pain in a back and joints. No less popular among the audience is the fashionable dance fitness workout “Zumba” with Latino rhythms.

“Since my childhood I’ve gotten used to considering sports as an integral part of the life. I am sure that playing sports or simply daily physical exercises influences formation of character of the person. I hope that our project can make a healthy way of life trendy, fashionable and popular,” said Yagudin about the project.

You can also take part in the training with Alexei Yagudin by clicking on this link.

Photo: TimeOut

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