Evgeni Plushenko: “The dream of any athlete is to become Olympic champion”

Evgeni Plushenko at Torino Olympics

2006 Olympic champion and a silver medalist of Salt Lake City and Vancouver Evgeni Plushenko shared his impressions of the Olympic Games in London to the Kommersant newspaper.

We ask all of your colleagues who competes in winter sports.

Do you all support the representatives of summer sports?

Evgeni Plushenko: I think the athletes all support each other because we are colleagues and of course, I especially support the Russian athletes.

And what summer sports do you like the most?

E. Plushenko: It’s, of course, wrestling, tennis and athletics.

And why “of course, wrestling”?

E. Plushenko: You know, I’m engaged in hand-to-hand fighting and kickboxing. But I’m doing it just for myself. At Olympic Games I like judo and freestyle wrestling.

Tell us about your own experiences, please. What distinguish Olympic competitions from any other?

E. Plushenko: Olympics it’s, of course, a very special event and a great celebration. The main thing is do not spend all your energy and concentration on different activities. It is necessary to be concentrated until the end; you should be focused only on your competitions. If you take from my experience, I did not go anywhere at the Olympics. I was sitting in the Olympic Village and rarely went beyond it.

The tension is much stronger at the Olympics than, say, at the World championships.

E. Plushenko: Of course, there is much stronger tension. Olympic events take place only every four years instead of World championships, which take place every year. I think that the World Champion title is a strong title. But the Olympics is a dream. The dream of any athlete is to become an Olympic champion. It’s a different preparation and a completely different atmosphere. Once again, the Olympic competition is not just a competition; it’s a big, big celebration.

Source: Kommersant

Photo: evgeni-plushenko.com

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