Evora and Brubaker are in tryout period

Amanda Evora with her former partner Mark Ladwig

American pair skater Rockne Brubaker is in a tryout period with Amanda Evora. It will last until Saturday, stated Philip Hersh of Chicago Tribune on his Twitter (@olyphil).

On photo: Amanda Evora with her former partner Mark Ladwig

“If the Evora/Brubaker pair works out, they will get Grand Prix consideration because of past successes with other partners,” journalist noted.

Brubaker’s former partner, Mary Beth Marley, decided to stop skating two weeks ago. Amanda Evora retired in April this year. Her ex-partner, Mark Ladwig, found a new partner, Lindsay Davis.

“It’s going really well.” Rockne Brubaker said in a text of the tryout with Evora.

Amanda Evora and her former partner Mark Ladwig were noted for their longevity as a pair, which is rare in U.S. pair skating. Their partnership ended when Evora decided to retire from competitive skating on April this year.

Evora and Ladwig teamed up in 2002. The 2005/2006 season was their first on the Grand Prix Series. They placed 9th at the 2005 Skate America and 8th at the 2005 Skate Canada. They were the bronze medalists at the 2007 Nebelhorn Trophy and finished as high as fourth in GP events.

2009/10 was a breakthrough season for this team. They finished second at the U.S. National Championships, their best finish yet at the event, which led to their selection for the US Olympic team. At the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, they beat their previous personal best by a sizable margin, and finished tenth, making them the top U.S. pair at the Olympics.

During 2010/2011 season, the pair was assigned to compete at 2010 Cup of China where they finished fifth and later earned their first Grand Prix medal, a bronze, at 2010 Cup of Russia. In 2012 they took the bronze at the U.S. National Championships.

Rockne Brubaker  with his former partner Mary Beth Marley

On photo: Rockne Brubaker with his former partner Mary Beth Marley

Rockne Brubaker with his first partner Keauna McLaughlin is a two-time (2008–2009) U.S. National champion, the 2010 Four Continents silver medalist, and the 2007 World Junior Champion. With former partner Mary Beth Marley, he is the 2012 Four Continents bronze medalist and 2012 U.S. National silver medalist.

Photo: Wikipedia, Zimbio

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