Rehearsal of Grand Prix Final to be held in October

Iceberg Ice Arena

The rehearsal of the Grand Prix Final 2012 will be held in Sochi in early October, said the President of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia Alexander Gorshkov.

In accordance with the calendar of the International Skating Union (ISU) the GP Final will be held in the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics. The tournament is scheduled for December 6 – 9 this year.

“Preparation for the Grand Prix Final goes as planned,” Gorshkov told R-Sport agency. “On October 5 – 7 we will have the so-called simulation of the competitions. The main purpose is to test the services, systems and organization of the upcoming event.” he added.

The set of figure skaters for that imitation will be defined later.

“With regard to the names of skaters, who will take part, we will define it closer to the event. We should take into account that practically in these dates will be held two international competitions. Also, skating competitions in Oberstdorf will be ended just before the date of the beginning of our event.” Gorshkov continued.

“But the set of skaters is not so important in this case. Our main goal is to check how all will work. At the event will come the official commission of ISU, which had previously been in Sochi with the inspection in May.” he noted.

Photo: Arch-Sochi

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