Eurosport is the EuroWorst

Eurosport Player

By Vladislav Luchianov

If there was a prize for the title of the worst service provider in the field of Internet TV, the Eurosport no doubt would have been an absolute champion. Their so-called Eurosport Player is just horrible piece of technology of the last century. By the way, it’s paid, of course.

On the threshold of the new season in figure skating, I must warn our European readers from using the Eurosport Player. If you can, it is better to buy a usual cable TV package of Eurosport channels. As for their Web TV service, by buying it you risk to spend your money for nothing.

Eurosport has never been notable as the source that listens to its users’ opinions. Apparently they will continue the same policy in the future. Eurosport Player is a paid service, which, according to this “well respected” channel, provides online access to Eurosport channels and to videos of sporting events on-demand. But in reality it is not so good, as it says on the website of the service vendors.

As described on their website to view the broadcasts you should register, check the test video and pay a subscription fee. You should also install a plugin Silverlight, if you don’t have it on your PC. I’ve done this and done very, very carefully. After the test video was viewed, I ordered their service and received the email confirmation of my subscription and invitation to start using their “amazing service”.

But videos or Eurosport channels are not appeared. On my screen I had only seen a TV guide and a black field. After that, I decided to ask their support team, expecting that the problem will soon be resolved. To my surprise, from that “support” I received only the silence. By the way, in order to apply for support you will need to fill out a form on the website. No phone number or online chat!

I consider myself pretty familiar with computers, but just in case I’ve checked several times the plugin Silverlight, as well as the speed of the internet connection and so on. Everything was OK with my computer and its settings. Basically, I could not check at all, because my PC works very well with many other services for watching internet television. For example, American Icenetwork works perfectly and with a very high quality.

In general, the problem is in the quality of services provided by Eurosport. After reading the reviews on their player of other customers, we can draw only one conclusion – the Eurosport Player is a splitting headache. Comparing similar services for online television in the United States and Europe, we can easily come to the conclusion that the European “experts” live in the past century. Modern high-tech companies do not torment their customers with installing various problematic plugins, add-ons or something like that.

As for the customer service, the Eurosport clearly shows that they absolutely do not care about your problems. I would like to change my mind but at the moment I do not recommend our readers to use the above service as a way for watching sporting events online.

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