Amelie Lacoste will continue to fight

Amelie Lacoste

After the retirement of Cynthia Phaneuf, about which the skater announced in September, many thought that Amelie Lacoste will also end her career soon, says the Canadian edition Canoe.

But skeptics were wrong – 2012 Canadian champion will continue to fight on national and international stage.

“I have reached the goal to win the national championships, which was my main purpose for a long time,” said Lacoste, who was a long time in the shadow of Cynthia Phaneuf and Joannie Rochette.

The new skating season begins and the first serious events for Lacoste will be the Grand Prix stages – Skate Canada International and Cup of China. This season, Amelie personally chose the music for her short program, which is based on the composition of Peter Gabriel. Her free skate program is created on Rhapsody in Blue by George Gershwin.

“It will be glamorous, with touches reminiscent of Hollywood,” she said Canoe edition.

Despite the fact that one of the purposes of Lacoste is to enjoy her skating, she also has specific competitive goals.

“I want to win the national championships again and then finish in the top 10 at the World championships,” she noted.

Participation in the next World championships is important for Amelie, as it will be held in her homeland.

“It’s impossible not to skate well when you feel the energy of your audience. Nevertheless, I should be able to cope with the extra emotions.” Lacoste added.

After the recent retirement of Cynthia Phaneuf and given the uncertainty in the future participation of Joannie Rochette in competitive skating, Lacoste has a good chance to be in the center of attention.

“Cynthia’s retirement didn’t affect my goals. I certainly wish her all the best. If Joannie ever decides to come back, I will continue to fight for the opportunity to represent Canada at major competitions.” said Lacoste.

Obviously, the main opponent for Amelie Lacoste in Canada will now be a young and talented Kaetlyn Osmond, who already made herself known this season by winning Nebelhorn Trophy.

Photo: Justine Chiu

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