Japan sends skaters to compete in China

Japan - China disputes

The Japan Skating Federation has decided to send its team to compete in Shanghai at the Cup of China despite the ongoing territorial dispute between China and Japan.

2012 Cup of China will be held from November 2–4, 2012.

According to the President of the Japanese federation Seiko Hashimoto, the Chinese side assured Tokyo that the skaters will be in complete safety.

The controversy about Senkaku Islands, which located in the East China Sea recently became sharply aggravated. The archipelago is under the control of Tokyob but Beijing considers the islands as its native territory.

In September, the official Chinese press expressed a big criticism to the Chinese and world top tennis player Li Na, who, according to authorities, made an unpatriotic thing by taking part in competitions which were held in Tokyo.

Luckily, the skaters will not have to cancel the planned event due to the ambitions of various politicians.

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