Joannie Rochette thinks about Sochi Olympics

Joannie Rochette

The bronze medalist of Vancouver Olympics Joannie Rochette is not going to hang up her skates. 26-years-old Canadian star thinks about Sochi Olympics.

“When I see that the Sochi Olympics are coming, then I feel that I’m still in a good shape. At the same time, if talk about a possible decision to return to the big sport, this would be a very important thing.” Rochette said Canoe news agency.

Currently, she faces a dilemma. Joannie does not want to finish her career in amateur sport but at the same time, she didn’t participate in competitions for more than two years.

“I still have a great passion for the sport but I like ice shows too. Now I’m living my dream and I think I was very lucky. This will not last a lifetime, so I use the time.” she continued.

“Professional career is something like a full employment. For example, Kurt Browning in his 46 years shows to the world his wonderful skating. So I want to extend my career as long as possible.” Rochette added.

Photo: Mark Baker

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