Nina Mozer: “There aren’t healthy athletes in figure skating”

Nina Mozer

Nina Mozer, the coach of the Russian pair skaters Tatiana Volosozhar and Maxim Trankov, told about health problems in figure skating.

“With the current rules there aren’t healthy athletes in figure skating. The requirements are so high that skaters have to carry them out overcoming themselves.

They all take risks, they all want to be the best and they do everything to the maximum,” Mozer said R-Sport.

“Sometimes athletes should not have to do it but they do it because everyone wants to win. So the injuries were, are and will be in figure skating.” she continued.

“Tania and Maxim have certain problems too but we solve them in parallel with training process. It’s impossible to solve and remove such problems but we try to control them.” the coach noted.

Photo: Wikipedia

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