Irina Slutskaya: “If young skaters want to compete, why not?”

Irina Slutskaya

2002 and 2006 Olympic medalist, two-time World champion and seven-time European champion Irina Slutskaya has expressed her view on the participation of 14-year-old skaters in adult competitions.

“”I think if a person is talented, if she (he) is ready and wants to compete, why not? At World and European championships skaters can perform from 16 years. In past times athletes were considered as juniors up to 18 years and only then they moved into adult skating,” Slutskaya said Team-Russia 2014.

“Today, not only in figure skating but in many other areas of life we can see rejuvenation. An illustrative sporting example is gymnastics.” she continued.

“Besides, I think the involvement of young athletes adds the additional motivation for other skaters. It makes them work harder, learn more complex elements and improve skating, because they see and feel that the youth comes on the heels. This increases the process of struggle, makes an intrigue and that’s always interesting.” famous skater noted.

Photo: Zimbio

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