Oleg Vasiliev: “People leave the stands”

Oleg Vasiliev with Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin

A well-known Russian coach Oleg Vasiliev told why people lose interest in figure skating and leave the stands.

“I watch and follow some skaters, newcomers and results but I don’t watch all competitions, of course,” Vasiliev told Sport-Express.

“What is interesting there if skaters without two jumps, two throw jumps and with not well executed lift gain 130 points, showing the best result of the season? You should agree that there is something wrong.” he continued.

Oleg Vasiliev is a Russian pair skater who competed internationally for the Soviet Union. With partner Elena Valova, he is the 1984 Olympic Champion, 1988 Olympic silver medalist, and three-time World Champion (1983, 1985, 1988). Their coach throughout their career was Tamara Moskvina. After the pair ended their career, Vasiliev became a coach.

“I understand people who went out from the stands after the appearance of new judging system. They simply no longer understand figure skating. Judging is currently inadequate to skating. They are trying to deal with this through constant work with professionals, work with analysis of certain situations and so on but…”

“At the time, the old system 6.0 was criticized for the fact that it lacks concreteness and judges were not guided by certain criteria. Now they have a criteria but the essence remains the same. This applies to the second mark for the components and also to the rather biased approach in technical part.” the coach noted.

Vasiliev coached the team of Tatiana Totmianina and Maxim Marinin, 2006 Olympic and two-time World champions (2004, 2005), and the team of Maria Mukhortova and Maxim Trankov (2008 European silver medalists), until the pair decided to split after the 2010 World championships.

Photo: Gazeta

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