Reporters will have free internet at Sochi Olympics

Sochi Olympics with free wi-fi

Journalists who will work at 2014 Sochi Olympics will not be charged for Internet access, said Dmitry Chernyshenko, a chief organizer, on Thursday.

Reporters covering 2012 London Olympic Games were asked for 90 to 150 British pounds for connectivity essential for their jobs.

But at Sochi, reporters will have free 10 megabit Wi-Fi Internet access at the media center and all the major venues after organizers struck a deal with Russian communications company Rostelecom.

“This will support a maximally open approach to coverage of the Olympic and Paralympic Games.” Chernyshenko said Ria Novovsti

On the same day there was another significant event.

The UK’s Minister of Sports and Tourism Hugh Robertson has handled the Olympic fire from London, where the Olympic Games took place in summer, to representatives of the Russian city of Sochi, where the winter Olympic Games will take place in 2014.

Mr. Robertson praised Russia’s preparations for the Olympic Games and said that he has no doubt that the games will be held on a due level.

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