Sochi traffic police and motorcade escorts will help Grand Prix Final participants

Motorcade escorts will help Grand Prix Final participants

The ice arena in Sochi is ready for the ISU Grand Prix Final, the general director of Figure Skating Federation of Russia told RSport yesterday.

The event will be from December 6 to 9, 2012 and will be the biggest test yet for the 2014 Olympic arena.

“Local organizers assured us that everything will be ready, not just in time for the start of the competition, but for December 1, because we are holding a training camp for our participants three days before the Grand Prix Final,” general director Valentin Piseev said.

According to the source, there were also resolved issues with the organization of transport: for spectators will be organized special buses and for the unobstructed movement of the participants can be organized a special escort.

“Traffic jams are sometimes very annoying but Sochi traffic police promised that they will resolve such issues. They also promised that in case of emergency will be assigned a special motorcade escort.” Piseev noted.

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