Tuktamysheva may add difficulty to programs at Grand Prix Final

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva at Trophée Eric Bompard 2012

Svetlana Veretennikova, one of coaches of Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, said that her student may add difficulty to her programs at the Grand Prix Final in Sochi.

“When Elizaveta competed at Skate Canada, we have deliberately facilitated her programs. It was her first start after a long break – the last time she performed in January, at the first Winter Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck, Austria. Now, we think that we can add some more difficulty to her performances. Liza can successfully cope with more difficult programs,“ Veretennikova said Team-Russia 2014.

The coach noted that the main objective to Tuktamysheva at the Grand Prix Final is to perform with dignity.

“I and Alexei Mishin never say: here you should be the first, and there – the second. Liza should try to perform at her own level, to show her skating and to do everything she can.” Veretennikova added.

Yesterday, Alexei Mishin said that Tuktamysheva will not refuse to participate in the Grand Prix Final in favor of preparing for the Russian National Championships, which will be held at the end of December.

“Liza will definitely participate in the Grand Prix Final.” he said RSport. “Now we are very happy how her body and mind are transforming. The result she showed recently (note: a silver medal at Trophée Eric Bompard) is very important to us.” the coach noted.

Photo: The Korea Herald

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