Joubert has withdrawn from French championships

Brian Joubert at 2012 World Championships in Nice

Brian Joubert has withdrawn from the French national figure skating championship, announced Thursday the French Federation of Ice Sports.

The events begin Friday with the men’s short program

“He is still weakened because of viral infection and he decided to continue the treatment. His withdraw is a great disappointment for the organizing committee.” said the FFSG in a statement.

French newspaper Libération adds that Joubert will make every effort to speed recovery from illness and to continue the season.

The 2013 French figure skating championships will take place between 13 and 16 December 2012 in the Patinoire Iceberg in Strasbourg.

This season, Brian Joubert was assigned to the 2012 Cup of China and the 2012 Trophée Eric Bompard for the 2012/13 Grand Prix series. After a poor showing in the short program, he withdrew from the Cup of China due to abdominal pain and fever.

Joubert returned to the ice in time to compete at the 2012 Trophée Eric Bompard, but stated that he was not fully prepared due to his illness. He went on to finish third in the short program and fourth overall.

Photo: La Maison de Joubert

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