Mao Asada: “Sochi has a good ice, where you do not feel tired”

Mao Asada at 2012 NHK Trophy

Two-time World champion Mao Asada said that the quality of the ice in the “Iceberg” Skating Palace is very high.

“My skating (in training session) was easy and pleasant. Sochi has a beautiful arena with a good ice, where you do not feel tired, in spite of the fact that we arrived just last night,” Asada said R-Sport.

The skater noted that now she focuses more on working with music of her programs.

“I and my coach took into account all the mistakes I’ve done at the NHK Trophy. So we worked on the compliance of all elements with the music of programs. Now I’m concentrated on coming performances and will try to do everything well.” she added.

Photo: Tokitama

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