Patrick Chan: “I hate to lose”

Patrick Chan at Rostelecom Cup 2012

Two-time World champion Patrick Chan in an interview with Russian media shared his thoughts on the future of figure skating, told about his trainings and about the state support of sports in Canada.

You were about to give up the sports after the Olympics in Vancouver.

Patrick Chan: I was definitely close to such decision there. I was very disappointed with the fifth place. Honestly, I do not understand why nothing turned out the way I wanted. I had a good basis. People persuaded me not to give up sports, which would be just crazy decision.

What made you change your mind? Motivation, ambition or maybe desire to make money?

Chan: Everybody tried to convince me that I can grow into a real man, a real sportsman. I realized that I’m still young and can learn many new things. The next season, when in Moscow I won the World championships, became my best. A year later I won in Nice.

Figure skating is not a cheap sport. How do you manage to pay for the ice, coach and so on? Does someone help you?

Chan: The government pays for everything and supports athletes rising to the top. We have it well organized.

How many hours a day do you train?

Chan: Every day from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. with some breaks. That includes the ice, fitness and choreographer. In general, six days a week.

What is the future of figure skating?

Chan: Every year the skating becomes more complex. Only a true athlete, who has everything in order with the physical shape, can cope with that. Fitness is very important part now. I spoke with the predecessors. For example, Kurt Browning, whose style I like, didn’t think so much about physical preparation.

Could you share your secret?

Chan: No secrets. I need to learn to compete without focusing on things that distracting my attention. Well, OK. I have one more advantage: I hate to lose.

Photo: Yuri Kadobnov

Information from Rossiyskaia Gazeta was used in this report.

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