Plushenko leads at Russian champs

Evgeni Plushenko at Russian championships

Evgeni Plushenko took the lead after the short program at the Russian figure skating championships, which takes place in Sochi.

Plushenko performed a cascade of quad toe – double toe with a little mistake, then purely executed a gorgeous triple Axel and a triple Lutz. He got 91.68 points for the short program.

“Physically I felt fine. There was a little backache. But I have a great experience of skating with injuries. Plushenko’s character helped me today.” He commented at a press conference.

Vergei Voronov finished second (87.69) and showed the best technical skating of the day. He performed a cascade of quad toe – triple toe; triple Axel and triple loop.

“I was a little bit nervous today but I’ve done well with my elements. Something did not work well on the step sequence, so I can’t call my performance as perfect. In general, I coped psychologically and overcame myself.” Voronov said.

2012 Junior Grand Prix Champion Maxim Kovtun is holding the third place with 75.38 points. Kovtun made a mistake on the landing after the quad, then fell on a triple Lutz but performed very well his triple Axel.

“I’m not entirely happy with my today’s skating. I don’t know what happened with the jumps; probably it was because of nerves. I satisfied only with my spins and steps.” Kovtun said.

Other results

Ice Dance, SD: Bobrova/Soloviev – 68.05; Ilinykh/Katsalapov – 66.14; Monko/Khaliavin – 61.90.

Pairs, SP: Volosozhar/Trankov – 78.69; Kavaguti/Smirnov – 70.19; Stolbova/Klimov -67.78.

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