Radionova’s skating is a soul singing, thinks her coach; Russian skater is honored to compete in Sochi

Elena Radionova

Inna Goncharenko, the coach of Russia’s Elena Radionova, who leads after the short program at the junior Grand Prix Final, is pleased with the performance of her student.

“Of course, I was nervous. It’s her first really big start. She’s too young and still need to learn to compete. In general, I was pleased with her performance,” coach said Sport-Express.

The coach believes that emotionality of Radionova helps her student very much but at the same time it also interferes sometimes.

“Her skating is a reflection of the internal state and character. She always passes through herself every gesture and every movement of the program. It’s a soul singing.” Goncharenko added.

Elena Radionova said that she is very happy to compete on the ice of Sochi.

“It is a big honor to me to skate here, in Sochi,” Radionova commented. “This was my goal and I’m glad I was able to grow to such level. Today not everything turned out well: I made a mistake on my double Axel. I’ll try to skate clean in my free skating program.” she added.

Photo: R-Sport

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