Russian Champs: Background Check instead of tickets

Background Check will be tested at Russian championships

Figure Skating Federation of Russia decided not to sell tickets for the upcoming national championship. Instead of that officials decided to test a new security system that will be used at the Olympic Games in Sochi.

Russian figure skating championships will be held from 24 – 28 December 2012 in Sochi. People wishing to attend the competitions as spectators must go through verification process of security services and get a special invitation. The number of invitations is very limited. The new security system is called BackgroundCheck.

A questionnaire, which is necessary to fill out, contains about sixty paragraphs, such as: name, country of residence, date of ID card issue, date of arrival, date of departure and purpose of travel.

In addition, people must send their photos and scanned copies of identification documents.

Three-time Olympic and ten-time World champion Irina Rodnina said that such measures contradict the spirit of the sport.

“Of course, it’s bad, that they don’t sell tickets,” Rodnina said Russian media. “Sports can’t exist without an audience, especially figure skating. I believe that the security can be checked at the junior competitions or at some other events but not on the main skaters of the national team; not at the national championships.” she added.

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