Amodio is proud of his results

Florent Amodio at the 2013 European championships

Reigning French national champion Florent Amodio, a silver medalist of the 2013 European Championships in Zagreb, said he is proud of results showed in Croatia.

Now the French skater has a full medal collection of European Championships.

“I am proud of what I’ve shown in Zagreb. I’m also proud of what others have shown there. The level of the European Championships this year was just “crazy”, so each of us can be proud. I think that the World Championships in London, Canada will be much tougher,” Amodio said Sovsport.

“My mom cries every time I travel to Moscow for my trainings with Nikolai Morozov. But when later, in Moscow, I work on the ice until exhaustion, I always remember her tears and they make me stronger.” he continued.

“In Zagreb I jumped two quads in a free skating program for the first time but still could not beat Fernandez. I ask myself: what should be done to beat him? Probably four quads!” (Note: Javier Fernandez, who won European championships, performed three quads in his free skating).

Photo: Amodio supporters group in Facebook

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