Brezina doesn’t want to be fourth again

Michal Brezina

Tomorrow in Croatian city of Zagreb begin competitions of 2013 European figure skating championships. Czech skater Michal Brezina aims to the podium of this tournament. In 2010 and 2012 Brezina finished Europeans at 4th place and now he does not want to repeat such results.

“Actually, I just want, like probably any other skater, to skate clean my programs at first but also I don’t want to take the disappointing fourth place again. I would like to fight for the podium!” Brezina told Team-Russia 2014.

Czech skater noted that he is in a good sporting shape.

“Last two weeks before the European championships were very productive. I skated clean programs many times. So I’m confident in my abilities. Now I want to show what I can do on the competitive ice.”

Brezina believes that all skaters from the top ten of the world rankings can compete for the title of European Champion.

“I think that this European championships will be more interesting than in the previous year, and all athletes will try to create a real holiday for the audience by showing clean and beautiful performances. But, of course, it will be not easy to everyone, because in competitions will participate the legendary Evgeni Plushenko.” Brezina added with a smile.

This season, Brezina finished 6th at 2012 Skate America and won the bronze medal at the 2012 Rostelecom Cup. He withdrew from the Czech Championships due to a fever.

Photo: Zimbio

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