Carolina Kostner: “Bolero” is a big challenge

Carolina Kostner performing Bolero at European championships in Zagreb

Carolina Kostner, who won gold at the European Championships on Saturday, said that the performance of her free skating program to the music “Bolero” by Maurice Ravel and choreographed by Lori Nichol is a big challenge, and that this music deserves a very high-quality skating.

Costner, the reigning World Champion, won her fifth European title in Zagreb.

“I think the most difficult thing in this program is strengthening the music and its development,” Costner told R-Sport agency. “Many people think that it is simply becomes faster but it is not so. Actually, the energy and the atmosphere of this music are constantly increasing. It’s very difficult to show the development of the music.”

“In usual program there are times when you can take a short break. In this program there are no such pauses. So it’s still very difficult to me to perform “Bolero” as much as I want – with increased energy. But I aspire to it. I’ll continue to work on it, because this program deserves to be skated well.” Italian skater continued.

Costner said that during the creation of the program she and her choreographer learned a lot from the ballet “Bolero” by Maurice Bejart.

“We did not want to copy anything directly, but of course, played with the movements of ballet,” she said. “When you look Bejart Ballet for the first time, it seems everything is so simple. You see the movements of hands and think that there is nothing simpler. But when I tried to do it on the ice, I realized that it’s very, very difficult.” World champion added.

“This is the moment when you realize the greatness of this music. When I announced that I will skate “Bolero” many people thought: “Oh, another “Bolero…” I had doubts about my choice. But in the end my choreographer convinced me and the program has totally captured me.”

“I am happy that I made this decision. After all, I continue to perform because skating is my passion. Jumping is not my best part and this music became for me the opportunity to show people the other side of figure skating.” Kostner noted.

Photo: Leggo

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