Nikolai Morozov: “They just ruined Menshov’s life”

Nikolai Morozov

The famous coach and choreographer Nikolai Morozov gave a tough interview with Russian media immediately after the meeting of the executive committee of the figure skating federation of Russia.

The committee decided that to the European Championships in Zagreb will go Maxim Kovtun instead of national bronze medalist Konstantin Menshov.

“I think that they just ruined Menshov’s life,” Morozov said Sovsport. “Over time we will forget what happened but I don’t know how he will skate after that and whether he will…”

“At one time the same happened to my student Sergei Voronov, when he was replaced by Artem Borodulin. After that, Voronov had to recover from psychological trauma for two years. It’s all about that Borodulin’s coach was Tatiana Tarasova. The same coach works with Kovtun.”

It seems like you’re the only one who is not afraid to talk about the existence of the lobby of Tarasova in our figure skating.

“Why should I be afraid of something? I say what I think. I see no reason to conceal my views. You asked – I answered.”

You’ve been working in Japan and North America for a long time. Have you faced such situation, which we are seeing now?

“Nowhere and never. Japan’s Takahiko Kozuka and Nobunari Oda will not go to the Worlds (note: they didn’t earn spots for that at the national championships). And these skaters, frankly, are “cooler” than Maxim Kovtun.”

They say that want to prepare Kovtun for the Sochi Olympics.

“Medal prospect in Sochi in relation to Maxim Kovtun is very funny. This is the same as talking how to get to the moon by car. No doubts, Maxim has the talent. But his quads will not surprise anyone even at Worlds. Also, other than jumping there need to show the appropriate level of skating. Maxim’s skating is junior and he practically doesn’t have the second mark (note: PCS). In one year his skating will not be significantly changed. I do not understand why he needs this European Championship? What will it give him?”

“He should go to the junior Worlds and develop his skating. Where are we in such a hurry? And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Top coaches such as Alexei Mishin and Viktor Kudryavtsev voted against it (note: against the decision of coaching council). Maxim Kovtun nothing gained but Konstantin Menshov may have lost everything …”

Photo: sportsdaily

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